Family Football Fun for the AFC Championship and NFC Championship Games

The Patriots play the Ravens and the 49ers play the Giants in the AFC and NFC Championships, with the winners advancing to the Super Bowl. Here are some family-friendly activities to get your kids excited about these big playoff games!

The Patriots playing the Ravens in Sunday’s AFC Championship game is reason to celebrate!  

And while football parties are often considered “adults only,” there are many easy ways to get the kids into the game as well. So call your friends and incorporate a few of these ideas for Sunday’s big playoff game.

The Patriots host the Ravens at 3 p.m. (on CBS) and the 49ers host the New York Giants at 6:30 p.m. (on FOX), with the winners advancing to this year’s Super Bowl.

Get Festive

* Red, White and Blue Decorations

  • tip - no need to buy decorations, instead use your solid 4th of July decor

* Make your own confetti

  • tip - use scraps of paper left over from kids decorations

* Football Serving Dishes

  • Dollar Tree sells plastic divided trays

* Football Party Blowers

  • Available at Walmart for $.97


* Football Pretzels

  • Walmart in Brockton is selling them in a football shaped container

* Football Shaped Cookies

  • Before using the cookie cutters for playdough, why not use them for their true intention and make some football shaped cookies.  Double chocolate cookies would be perfect and a little white frosting for the laces will make them look really authentic.

* Football Cheese and Crackers

* Football Cake

  • Simply cut out a football shape out of a rectangle cake, frost it brown and decorate with white frosting laces.


* Create your own defense sign to use during the game (a letter D and a fence).

  • Use white poster board and simple free hand drawings to complete this craft.

* Red or Blue Playdough

  • Cookie cutters of footballs and/or numbers of your favorite players will add to the festivities.

* Stamp Art

  • Using red or blue ink and football/number stampers

* The easiest and least messy activities (click on the links)


Wishing you lots of fun with your family and friends as you all cheer, LET’S GO PATRIOTS!


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