Animal House: Helping to Fight Animal Cruelty

Animal House columnist Chris D’Arpino is in Kentucky helping to care for dogs involved in an animal abuse case at a puppy mill.

This week I am fortunate enough to have been called upon to work with the International Federation of Animal Welfare (IFAW) in Kentucky, working on a very serious case. 

I am very proud and very honored to be on such an amazing team and work with some amazing organizations. 

Thank you for the continued support to the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team, as it is this support that allows us to be able to aid in such a huge effort.

As reported on the ASPCA website, “In October 2011, the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response (FIR) Team headed to Rowan County, Kentucky, to help care for 118 small-breed dogs including Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Papillons, Min Pins and Poodles—several pregnant and some just a few weeks old—who were removed from filthy, cramped cages on October 6.”

The owner of this puppy mill was arrested on October 19 and charged with “46 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and one count of kennel mismanagement related to keeping more than 100 dogs in overcrowded conditions outside her mobile home in Morehead,” the ASPCA reports.

This same woman was reportedly charged with animal cruelty back in 2004, but those charges were dropped.

The ASPCA reports that the dogs found at this Kentucky puppy mill have "finally received the care they desperately needed; many of them were found covered in mold and matted fur, suffering from infection, dental disease and various other ailments.”

Since these dogs are part of an ongoing investigation they are not available for adoption quite yet, but the ASPCA is pleased to share that “they are already worlds away from the unsanitary and claustrophobic conditions they lived in before their rescue.”

To read more about this case, click on the link:

Rowan County, Kentucky—October 2011


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