ABOUT TOWN: Verizon Whacked; Selectmen Finalize Glen Echo Purchase (And More...)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To nationally-known Private Investigator Joseph Moura of National Investigation Bureau in Stoughton. He has been featured on "48 Hours" and "The Early Show" on CBS-TV.  

VERIZON WHACKED BY BATCHELDER: Three cheers for DPW Superintendent John Batchelder! When Peter Horn of Verizon came before the Board of Selectmen requesting a new utility pole on Monk Street (to help feed more power to Shaw’s Plaza,) Batchelder outlined a lack of cooperation in dealing with some older poles.  

In a letter written July 20, he wrote, “We have notified Frank Matthews and David Zimmerman of three issues since October of 2010 and March 8, 2011 and no work has been done, as promised.” 

Batchelder noted, “New larger sized poles were installed on Pleasant Street, but concerns were raised due to the fact that this was a new sidewalk, and was assured the work would be completed immediately. Asphalt remains a mess and old poles have not been removed. 

"New poles have been installed on Plain Street and School Street and debris were left behind. Old poles have not been removed. They also left a line strapped to a stop sign on Walnut Street and Washington Street which has not been addressed. This is right across the street from the Verizon building. No excuses.”   

Selectman Cynthia Walsh wanted the Verizon pole request to be tabled, until Matthews or Zimmerman came before the Board.  But, she couldn’t get a second.  

Selectman Steve Anastos moved to grant the permit, providing all the problems noted by Batchelder were addressed first by Verizon (or National Grid). The motion passed. 

Walsh added, “I’m not anti-business, I’m pro resident.”  Good quote.

Maybe someone can do something about all the lawns destroyed by Verizon for their FIOS lines. In my neighborhood, they supplied the cheapest grass seed known to man, which are now 90% weeds.  Disgusting. I’m not a big fan of big utilities.  Hear me, NSTAR?

NOTES FROM LAST NIGHT'S SELECTMEN'S MEETING: A roundup of Tuesday's meeting (July 26) at :

* Selectman John Anderson was in Washington, D.C. as part of a group of Stoughton leaders taking part in the on a grant obtained by the Old Colony YMCA

* Town Manager Francis T. Crimmins, Jr. said that the was spared from a planned closing (due to the tight State budget) by the work of Norfolk County D.A. Michael Morrissey, State Senator Brian Joyce, and State Reps Louis Kafka and Bill Galvin.

"They went up the food chain to the top," he said.

* Selectman, as part of the consent agenda, approved the 1.25 million dollars Purchase & Sales Agreement for the property, as at Town Meeting.

* Donna Erickson, the current Treasurer-Collector for Sterling, MA, and formerly of Boylston, MA, was hired as Stoughton's new Treasurer/Collector.  She will start on Monday, August 15, replacing retired Treasurer/Collector Tom Rorrie.

See a copy of the release Crimmins issued announcing the hiring of Erickson, in the media gallery above.

On August 12, there will be a formal thank you and send off for Rorrie at the Layafette House. Tickets are available at Town Hall.  

* Starting work soon for the Town of Stoughton are Town Planner , Building Commissioner , and Selectmen Secretary .

IT'S ALL HAPPENING AT THE LIBRARY:   There are a number of fun things happening at TODAY.  At 1 p.m., there's an Africans Masks Craft project in the Wales French Room.  At 2 p.m., they offer Animal Art for students from K-3 in the Children's Room downstairs.  At 6:30 p.m. in the same location as the last activity, it's Presechool Storytime for ages 3.5 to 6. This is offered weekly through August 10, 2011.

Check back later today for the Afternoon Edition of About Town with Mark Snyder.


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