ABOUT TOWN: Stoughton Woman is a Fit Beauty

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STOUGHTON WOMAN IS A FIT BEAUTY! Stoughton's Bela Santos was pleasantly surprised with her Third Place win in WBFF (World Beauty & Fitness Federation) Masters Fitness Diva round, which took place April 13 at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT.

She tells About Town, "It was my first time competing in this organization next to so many amazingly beautiful and fit women. It was a shock! I'm hoping to come back with a better package and get my BIG WIN in June at the WBFF Boston Championship!" 

Santos runs BelaBody Fitness here in Stoughton. 

About Town did a rare Q&A. Here's the scoop from this local model of fitness (check our photo gallery for pictures from the WBFF Competition):  

How many contestants were in the contest?

At the WBFF Fitness Atlantic in April there were about 200 Contestants in various categories.  (Female Fitness Model, Male Muscle Model, Diva Bikini Model, Bodybuilding and Figure).  I placed 3rd in the Masters Fitness Model Division and placed 4th in the Masters Diva Bikini Model Division.  

I am currently in training and preparing for the WBFF Boston Event on June 29th!

How long does it take you to prepare for them? Do you change your diet or routine as you get close?

Preparation and Training for this sport takes approximately 12-16 weeks.  A combination of a well-balanced, high-protein diet and workouts of split muscle group strength training, Cardio, HIIT & Plyometric workouts are part of this sport. 

My diet gets tightened up and my daily intake of macro nutrients get adjusted as I get closer to the event date.  A weekly assessment is made of my overall physical condition to determine how to modify my nutritional intake and workouts throughout the training period. 

What attracted you to the competition?
I have been competing in the Fitness America/Universe Federation since 2003 and have placed in the Top 5 or 10 in my various classes through the years.   

I was really attracted to the WBFF (World Beauty and Fitness Federation), because of their PRO STATUS recognition for first place winners.  They are an internationally recognized federation with top name athletes holding WBFF PRO CARDS. They have a high visibility rate for competitors looking to advance their careers in the fitness industry.  

How can women who want to get in the incredible shape you are in achieve it?

The sport of competitive fitness and modeling has become very highly recognized and publicized goal for women of all ages.  It is sport that tests your mental and physical strength!  

The best way for someone to get prepared for this sport at this level hire a Coach/Team of Coaches that runs their program with a very hands-on approach. 

This is a very specialized sport and having a Coach that can provide the attention and tailor a workout and nutritional programs for your personal needs is crucial.  

I have stood next to mothers of four children on stage!  It is an achievable goal if you set your mind to it, willing to work hard, and are organized.  If a woman loves fitness, has been on stage or always dreamed of being on stage and/or wants to look like a fitness model in a magazine, this is certainly the sport and type of training program you should be participating in.   

What do you offer, in terms of classes and training at your facility?

BelaBody Fitness offers Small Group Sessions, Private Training Sessions, Fitness Classes, On-line Training and Nutrition Coaching.

Also available are Body Ambition STRUT Sessions.  These are classes for competitors looking to learn how to walk in competition heels, enhance their stage presence and learn the different criteria for various fitness federations.

For more information, contact Bela Santos at BelaBody Fitness at 781-774-0887 or via email at bela@belabodyfitness.com. Her studio is located in Stoughton Center at 801 Washington Street, Suite D. 


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