ABOUT TOWN: Stoughton VFW Awards Teachers, Students, Police and Fire (And More...)

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VFW AWARDS PRESENTATION: The Michael Romanuk V.F.W. Post 1645 had their Installation of Post Officers on Sunday, May 20 at their on Washington St, just outside the downtown.

The Post, which was established March 10, 1929, is celebrating its 83rd year.

Elected as Commander was Jim Kelly. Sr. Vice Commander is Brian Turner, and Junior Vice Commander is Gary Barkey.

Quartermaster is Rudolph Medeiros, and Chaplain is Frederick C. Varner. Judge Advocate is Charlie Wade, and Surgeon is Jack McSweeney.

The 1 Year Trustee is H. Lee Parker, 2 Year Trustee is Louis DiRusso, and 3 year Trustee is Irving Saltzman.

Appointed Post Officers included Adjutant Ally Turner, Officer of the Day Amory Murray, Service Officer Robert McGarry, Membership Chair Brian Turner, Hospital Chairman Jack McSweeney, Poppy Drive Frederick C. Varner, Guard-Historian Richard Jasmin, Honor Guard Joseph Fustolo, Post Photographer Hank Herbowy (who provided some photos for this story), Allied Veteran Delegates Jim Kelly and David Williams, and Scholarship Chairman Joseph Fustolo.

By-Law Chairman and Budget Committee Chairman is Frederick C. Varner. The Budget Committee includes Gary Barkey, Rudolph Medeiros, Brian Turner and Jim Kelly. 837 Chairman is Charlie Wade, and Voice of Democracy Chairman is Joseph DeVito.

The V.F.W. presented a number of awards on the 20th, as well.

Paris Kampanelas, music teacher at the was named Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Middle School Teacher of the Year was Richard Grasso of the . And, High School Teacher of the Year was Joseph Bridgeforth of .

Three SHS students won the Voice of Democracy essay contest. First place ($300 prize) was junior . Second place and a $200 prize went to sophomore Kassandra Melo. And, third place and $100 went to sophomore Julia Sjoquist.

Stoughton Policeman of the Year was Officer , and Firefighter of the Year was .

Special Awards were presented to Stoughton High Social Studies department head John Gallivan and to O'Donnell Middle School Assistant Principal David Guglia "for their continued promotion of citizenship at their schools."


SAD NEWS: Stoughton resident Bob Parsons passed away Thursday night, May 24.

He was a Precinct 1 Town Meeting member for many years and sat in the seat directly in front of me for all that time.

This year he wasn't in that seat. He was too ill to attend Town Meeting. I missed discussing each article with him and hearing his humorous comments as we went along. It kept the meeting more interesting.

He also chaired the 4th of July parade and all the ancillary activities for many years. He hosted a barbecue every year for volunteers.

His wife Joyce, son Jonathan, and daughter Kim were all involved in the town, and he was extremely proud of their accomplishments. Joyce was a former president of POPS, and his two children are currently assistant coaches at the collegiate level - Jonathan with the Brown University women's basketball team, and Kim with the women's gymnastics team at Temple University.

I enjoyed getting to know him and his family. He will be greatly missed by the entire community. May he Rest in Peace.


BIRTHDAY WISHES: Happy 24th birthday to Mr. Stoughton Patch, Jeff Pickette! Also, Happy Birthday to Donna Carbone, founder of Shades of Love.


Cindy Albert May 25, 2012 at 10:52 PM
I would like to take a moment to mention the Special Needs teachers in the Stoughton Public Schools. My daughter, Katie, has been a full-time student in Special Ed since age three, going from the Dawe, to the OMS and now to SHS. Among her many wonderful teachers have been Heather Thibeault, Kim Bieul, and her current teacher Trisha Sweeney. There have also been many amazing aides in the classroom, her current being Joe Powers and Mrs. G., who are just as vital to making the class run smoothly as the lead teacher.
Fiscal Conservative May 25, 2012 at 11:15 PM
They are definately wonderful people. Education, if to succeed, needs people such as these. Its really too bad that much of education has become a Politically Correct institution. Lets get back to the 3 - R's, not ideology.
Roseanne May 25, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Happy birthday, Jeffery!
Jonathan Bloom May 26, 2012 at 07:40 AM
Mark, I first met Bob Parsons in 1992, one of the years the FinCom chose not to fund the 4th of July budget. I remember Charlie Large standing up and begging town meeting to restore that budget, which they did & Bob, his committee all but depleted thinking there would be no July 4th that year, pulled together the multi-tiered event on a shoe string budget in just 4 weeks. Although I was covering the events for The Enterprise, I jumped in & volunteered to do whatever Bob needed done & continued to do so for the next dozen years. During that time, I saw all the hard work Bob put into the events - usually with just his family to help him. I was blessed with getting to know him & his family during that time. The town owes a sincere debt of gratitude to Bob & his family for keeping alive the 4th of July program. It would be fitting if the town were to honor his memory by doing something like attaching his name to one of the July 4th events, giving him a legacy that future generations can appreciate all he did for the town. At any rate, it is sad to see him gone so soon. Bob will be missed in this town.
Snyder's Stoughton May 27, 2012 at 02:16 AM
He sure will be, Jon.


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