ABOUT TOWN: Stoughton Police Department Looks to Fill Newly Created Deputy Chief Position

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CHIEF SHASTANY IS BACK: Next Step - Hiring a Deputy Chief for the Stoughton Police Department.

Stoughton Police Chief Paul Shastany has had a tough few months. He underwent surgery on his back on August 21, . He'll be returning to full-time duty on Monday, December 3, and will start the process of filling the position of Deputy Police Chief.

. Since then, the State Legislature and Governor Deval Patrick have signed off, and now the position is officially approved and waiting to be filled. 

When asked about the process, Shastany told About Town that only internal candidates from the Superior Officers Union will be considered. He will ask the Board of Selectmen to sign off on a Request for Proposal to hire a consultant to run a one-day assessment of persons who are interested in the position.

"We'll require a letter of interest and a resume, and will have a list of requirements, including a college degree and commensurate experience. At the end of the process, it's hoped that the Consultants will bring their verdict to me, and hopefully, it will concur with my opinion. I have to be able to work with the person chosen, and trust them to be second in charge."

The Board of Selectmen will make the final decision on who gets hired.   Shastany said he expected that a lot of people with knowledge and ability will apply for the job.

"People think its a foregone conclusion already. It's not," he said.

"There's a dynamic that the assessment tests reveal. I took one when I came on board here. I'm hoping to find someone to help the department continue to move forward, who is able to think on their feet, and respond as a leader. There are qualities that a traditional civil service test doesn't reveal - leadership, problem-solving, and consensus-building, for instance."   Shastany will invite letters and resumes when he gets back. That will start off the process.

Meanwhile, there are clearly a number of experienced candidates in house, including Sgt. Tom Murphy, who was Acting Chief before Shastany was hired, and Lt. Robert Devine, who has been Executive Officer under Chief Shastany since his arrival. Other Lieutenants and Sergeants are also expected to apply.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Marci Goodman Schwartz, a Stoughton native, who is the District Manager for Arbonne International; to Kim Ceven, another Stoughton native, who graduated from CCRI in Lincoln, RI; to John Linehan, active Stoughton resident, and CEO of Zoo New England; and to Alice Cook, ground-breaking Sports Reporter at WBZ-TV, and now President and Founder of She's Game Sports, LLC.

And, finally, Happy Birthday to the Honorable Francis T. Crimmins, Jr., former Chief Justice at Stoughton District Court, and former Town Manager.  He is now practicing law in a private practice.



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