ABOUT TOWN: Passover and Easter Happenings in Stoughton

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A MODEL MATZAH EXPERIENCE! Two groups of local children participated in a hands-on pre-Passover experience at the Model Matzah Factory at in Stoughton. 

The children re-enacted the process of manufacturing Matzah, from grinding the flour to kneading the dough, to baking the Matzahs, all within 18 minutes; the time limit in which Matzah must be made. Rabbi Mendel Gurkow of Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area facilitated the interactive program.

Both groups of children; local elementary age children who attend the Shaloh House Sunday Hebrew School and preschoolers from the Shaloh House Preschool, listened and learned before donning official “Matzah Bakery Hats,” taking their own freshly mixed dough, rolling it flat, poking plenty of air holes and forming individual pieces of handmade matzah. 

The children learned that actual Passover Matzah needs to be manufactured in a highly controlled environment to ensure that it does not become leavened.

The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated this year from sundown on Friday night, April 6, until after nightfall on Saturday, April 14. 

Passover commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and will be celebrated with festive “Seder” dinners on April 6 and 7. 

Other holiday observances include restricting the consumption of leavened products such as bread and pasta, instead eating unleavened matzah. Additional information about the Passover holiday is available at http://www.chabad.org/Passover.


CELEBRATE EASTER IN STOUGHTON!  The Stoughton Community Events Committee presents one of their most popular events this Saturday, April 7.  It’s the 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

This year, it takes place at (and not on the Cedar Hill golf course as in past years.) Get there early---it starts at 10 a.m. sharp.  

Don’t bring your own Easter baskets. Every child will be provided a bag.  

Get a FREE picture with the Easter Bunny--provided once again by the good people at Walgreen’s in Stoughton!  

This event is open to Stoughton residents ONLY.  


HOP TO IT AT THE Y: The  in Stoughton held a "Hop to It!" Easter event on April 1. Children searched for Golden Eggs, which contained a prize ticket. 

Children, and their families, also got to play wiffle ball, climb ropes, do crafts under the pavilion, play soccer, and play in the the gaga pit. Fun was had by all! 

Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n3-JHVoWic.


EASTER FUNdraiser! There was an Easter cookie-decorating fundraiser last weekend at in Stoughton. Part of the Proceeds were donated to Children's Hospital in Boston. 

It attracted a few dozen families. They did some fun cookie decorating (and eating) at Panera Bread.  



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