ABOUT TOWN: Ooch’s Family Experience Coming to Stoughton (And Make a Super Bowl Prediction!)

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pleased to announce the “Ooch’s Family Experience” show fundraiser on February 11, 2012 at the . This fun-filled event entertains while providing family bonding and communication opportunities.

Brett “Ooch” Outchcunis calls himself a modern-day Mr. Rogers – minus the cardigan, and with a quirky bag of tricks. A “life-coach for kids,” “Ooch” connects with children of all ages, and captivates their parents as well. Through music, magic, comedy, dance, and his trusty yo-yo, “Ooch” shares his light-hearted approach to family life.

Family members discover new ways to communicate and a renewed appreciation for each other. Bonds are strengthened as families devise secret handshakes and reveal individual “superpowers” – an exercise that invites parents and kids to identify each other’s special skills and use that self-confidence to embrace everyday challenges.

“I am so excited the Dawe School PTO is bringing the ‘Ooch’s Family Experience’ show to Stoughton this year. This amazing show makes everyone laugh and say, ‘WOW!’ This is the type of event where families have fun together, with a subtle message of respect and open communication. Everyone leaves feeling inspired and light-hearted,” Carolyn Curtis-Mahoney, co-president of the Dawe
School PTO, said.

“When we were looking at fundraisers, I was drawn to this opportunity to bring a fun entertainer to Stoughton while raising funds for invaluable enrichment programs for the Dawe School children. I hope everyone comes to this fun event and supports important public school programs such as hands-on science days, study aids, field trips and more!”

“Ooch” brings his antics to Stoughton High School auditorium, located at 232 Pearl Street, on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 7 p.m., offering families a funny – and meaningful – Valentine.

All ages are welcome at this event, although it is targeted at children 5-13 and their parents/guardians.

Tickets are available for $10 per person; please visit www.daweschoolpto.org or call 781-344-7007 x 1 to order tickets.

A limited number of tickets will be available at the door on a space available basis. This special event is presented by the Dawe School PTO, and proceeds help provide invaluable enrichment programs to the children of the Dawe Elementary School in Stoughton.


WHAT ARE YOUR SUPER BOWL PREDICTIONS? I'm going to do a special PATCH column with YOUR predictions on the Super Bowl

Who will win? What will the score be? Who will be MVP?  Let's see who's the most accurate. 

I'll have a special prize for the winner, and it will be fun to see what people predict. 

If you'd like to be part of it, email me BEFORE NOON ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 31st, at pmpco@aol.com. Permission to print is given upon receipt. 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Attorney, Town Meeting Member and Man-About-Town Barry Crimmins.



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