ABOUT TOWN: Help Park St. Fire Victims; Governor's Council Primary Race (And More...)

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HELP THREE FIRE VICTIMS: Friends of Dennis Manning, Laurie Smith and Stoughton High School student Dianna Manning, who were all made homeless by the , are holding a fundraiser for them.

It will be held on Friday, May 11, from 7 p.m. to 12:45 a.m. at Game Time Sports Bar & Grill, 365 Centre Ave. in Rockland. Admission is $10.

If you'd like to help the family, who are looking for an apartment, you can send a donation to them directly at P.O. Box 134, Stoughton, MA 02072.

Dennis is undergoing treatment for cancer. This family could use our help!


SHALOH HOUSE CHABAD OF THE SOUTH AREA TO HOST OUTDOOR FUN AND FESTIVITIES MARKING THE MYSTICAL JEWISH HOLIDAY OF LAG B'OMER: Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area is sponsoring a community-wide celebration, featuring a Cookout and Barbecue, on Thursday, May 10, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at , 50 Ethyl Way in Stoughton. 

The event, open to the public, will mark the observance of the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer, which is traditionally commemorated by large outdoor celebrations and bonfires. 

The Stoughton Lag B'omer BBQ and Carnival will kick off the holiday festivities. At the event you will enjoy chicken legs BBQ, build your own hamburger, (vegetarian burgers available by reservation), cotton candy, amusements, marshmallows on bonfire, caricatures by Samantha, and more. 

Admission is only $12 per adult; children under 12 $7.50; Children under 3 are free. There is a family cap of $40. All are welcome.

Chabad-Lubavitch, the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world, is hosting thousands of similar Lag B'Omer celebrations in cities across the globe. The celebrations all share a common theme: Jewish Unity.

Lag B'Omer, marks the passing nearly two thousand years ago of the great Talmudic sage, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.


JUBINVILLE RUNS AGAIN FOR GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL:  Attorney Robert L. Jubinville announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Governor’s Council,  District 2 (which includes Stoughton). He submitted over 1,500 signatures Monday morning to the Secretary of State’s office. 

This open seat stretches from Boston to Framingham/Natick and then down to West Bridgewater and Attleboro.

It is the Milton attorney's third run for the office.  Long-time Incumbent Kelly Timilty passed away recently.

The state primary is Thursday, September 6, 2012

“I am running for this open Governor’s Council seat to return fairness and common sense to the judicial nominating process,” said Attorney Jubinville. 

“This is an important process. Judges play a crucial role in our Commonwealth and in our lives. Judicial excellence is imperative to our society, hence the importance of the role of the Governor’s Council. The fact is that the quality of our judges determines the quality of our justice.”

The Governor’s Council has the responsibility to interview, screen and then confirm Judges and Clerk Magistrates nominated by the Governor. Eight Governor’s Councilors are elected every two years.

“In my thirty-three years of experience as an attorney, it has been my privilege to appear in every trial and appellate court in the Commonwealth,” said Jubinville. 

“This background provides me with a strong knowledge of what actually makes good judges. My experience is unmatched in this race and will serve me well on the Council. In addition, as a former Massachusetts State Police Detective, I have seen how the justice system works on a first-hand basis.”

“As a parent, I want my daughters to live in a state where judicial posts are held by skilled advocates of justice who have not lost sight of the most compelling component of the job – basic human decency,” added Jubinville.

He is the father of two daughters and lives in Milton.

To learn more about Bob Jubinville, please visit www.votejubinville.com or call


ANOTHER GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL CANDIDATE: Patrick McCabe, a Hyde Park Democrat, has also announced his candidacy for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council District 2 in the Democratic Primary.

The Governor’s Council is charged with the responsibility of vetting the nominations made by the Governor.

McCabe writes:

For the past four years I have attended the Council hearings and meetings. I am a known participant at these hearings and I believe I get along well with each of the councilors, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor.

I am advocating for openness, transparency, and responsibility in this process. I believe the council should openly share all information they obtain regarding the nominees. I believe that the process should be transparent so that the public can clearly understand who these nominees are and what their experience is. I believe there is a responsibility to make sure that each nominee is qualified for the position for which they are nominated as well as ensuring that the nominees do not possess any bias or prejudice that would interfere with their ability to carry out their duties.

I have been a court advocate for years, predominately working to help insure that good parents are allowed to remain in their children’s lives.

Since I became involved with the Governor’s Council I have become aware of other issues involving our judiciary and parole system. I have worked to improve these situations as well.

I have followed the WBUR project Opencourt, which has used new technologies to improve the ease of access to the operations of our courts. I was involved in their Cooperative Coverage Day, a project where a group of Citizen Reporter’s sat in on the court sessions for a day.

I am dedicated to improving our courts for all of us. I am seeking your help and support to win the seat on the Governor’s Council so I can continue this work.

I am an accountant by trade, and I do computer programming as well, I am not a lawyer, or any other type of insider. I am a citizen seeking to improve our government.

I have always been an active citizen, a regular attendee at neighborhood meetings. I have been a member of the Neponset River Greenway Council for years, advocating for the cleanup and enhancement of the Neponset River.

Learn more about his candidacy on Facebook Please visit me on Facebook, or at his website.

Again, the state primary election is Thursday September 6, 2012.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: to , half of the famed "Fred & Nadine" Realtors team.  Fred is also a member of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.


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