ABOUT TOWN: Congressman Lynch Coming to Town And Stoughton Police Hit the Airwaves

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WASHINGTON BIGWIG COMING TO TOWN: Congressman Steve Lynch is coming to Stoughton on Tuesday, April 19 at 9:15 a.m. Selectmen Chairman John Stagnone, who has been pursuing Lynch to visit, said he'll be starting out at Town Hall. 

"Then, we'll take the Congressman to a tour of the empty storefronts, and the theatre. We're hoping that the theatre will bring life back to the downtown.  We'll be inviting Senator Joyce, Representatives Kafka and Galvin, the Selectmen, and the chairs of the Redevelopment and Housing Authorities." 

Stagnone said that he initiated this visit a while ago, when he and Mike Mutascio, the founder of "Save the State Theatre," went into Lynch's Boston office and met with his staff there. He followed up a few times through the phone lines until he secured the site visit. Recently, the Historical Commission recognized the theatre building as a "historically significant building," which makes it eligible for CPC funds. 

Stagnone tells About Town, "I sent letters to the Planning Board and Redevelopment Committee on the master plan. I want the Chairman of both Boards (Joe Scardino and Barry Crimmins, respectively) to work together on a master plan of the whole downtown. The master plan has a scope of nine pieces. Two, the housing plan and open space plans, are already certified." 

Stagnone said he's not necessarily looking to Lynch for money. "Part of the plan is to possibly relocate the post office. The storefront stays, but the back part where they do sorting and park vehicles, would be relocated. Whether the South Coast Rail comes or not, we have it.  This is a concept.  But, the downtown can't change on it's own. "  

STOUGHTON POLICE ON RADIO: Police Chief Paul Shastany and Officer Kevin Lima were guests on WSRO-650 AM radio on Wednesday. They appeared on "The Brazilian Connection" to discuss container thefts.

The Stoughton Police Department is the only PD in Massachusetts that was able to obtain enough evidence to indict a fraudulent shipper. Shastany tells me, "It's just one facet of our efforts to capture crooks that prey on immigrants, knowing they are more afraid of the police than the criminal thieves."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Jeff Benson, a 2006 Stoughton High graduate, who is Director of Music at Memorial Middle School in Hull. Jeff was an award-winning band member at Stoughton High, who went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music. His father, Jeffrey Benson, recently ran for school committee.  

TUESDAY NIGHT APPOINTMENT: Jill Somers was named Tuesday night to the Energy & Sustainability Committee by the Board of Selectmen. It was lost during the reshuffling of the Selectmen's Board, and the fact that no one has any idea what that Committee even does. But, she went work quickly!  The talented young lady, who is a strong environmentalist, and lives life to the "greenest," has set up a page for the Committee, so that neophytes like me can know what it is about.  Brave for her!  Visit the website here.

TONIGHT AT TOWN HALL: It's a slow night tonight.  So, if you have no plans, you can attend the Planning Board at 7 p.m. on the third floor Yaitanes Meeting room at Town Hall. Of course, if you're REALLY interested in what's on their agenda, you're out of luck.  Their last posted agenda is from March 31, 2011. Perhaps Town Manager Frank Crimmins can insist that his department heads make sure that ALL agendas are posted in a timely (and legal) manner.

Pat April 15, 2011 at 12:23 PM
Mark isn't the town clerk in charge of making sure the open meeting laws are being followed ? Isn't she the Public Records Officer ? Maybe someone can get the School Committee to get their agendas and minutes posted in a timely manner . I think they need to post their meetings on the school calendar and maybe even public hearings of the school budget on their website as well. I just seems to make sense.


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