ABOUT TOWN: SMAC Elects New Director (And Fall Family Festival at First Parish)

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SMAC ELECTS NEW DIRECTOR: The (SMAC) had their 1st Annual Meeting Wednesday night at their. 

Financially, SMAC is off to a good start, collecting nearly $440,000 in access fees, receiving over $30,000 in donated services, and another $7,621 in miscellaneous donations. They've spent $222,781 on property and equipment and $225,225 on the buildout of the Page Street studios, and the security deposit on the lease. 

SMAC President, and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said that SMAC is doing very well and "imagination is the only limit." 

He said they are investing to keep up with technological improvements.  "We're putting away money for furture purchases," he told the couple dozen people in attendance. 

Although the by-laws that created SMAC--in order to prevent politics--had paid SMAC Board members voting for a Director to represent THEM, Stagnone said that the papers were signed in August, and there wasn't enough time to properly notify members in the prescribed sixty days time frame. 

So, the Board of Directors (two appointed by selectmen, one by the school committee, and one by the cable advisory committee) chose the fifth director. 

Director Steve Bates asked all four candidates if they think that SMAC is a political Board. All answered no. And, theoretically, when it was created, the Cable Advisory Committee warned about political interference, and insisted that people with no political ties be appointed. 

The Cable Advisory Committee appointed their then-vice chairman Stagnone, well before he decided to run for office. Selectmen appointed local builder Steve Bates and former selectman Bob Mullen. The school committee appointed Allan Mills

They all got off to a slow start, but SMAC is now moving forward, and going in the right direction. Their studio is among the best around. They're running , starting to sign up members, and getting new programs on the air. 

So, last night, four people ran for the open Director's seat (which was to be voted by paid members). Chris D'Arpino, who does a show () called Animal House, expressed interest, but was not nominated.

Terry Schneider, Executive Director of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce, was nominated by Mullen.  He said he "had the time" to volunteer for the Board. 

David Young, the most active SMAC volunteer (who was a camera person in the latter stages of ), was nominated by Mills. He said he wanted to "nurture the channel." 

John Malley, a member of the , was nominated by Bates. He said he is a graduate of Northeast Broadcasting School and a licensed property appraiser. Malley got the votes of Mills, Bates and Stagnone and was elected. 

The five Directors will work with Executive Director Steve Innis to keep Channel 9 in the forefront of the TV screens of residents. 


FIRST PARISH IN STOUGHTON PLANS FALL FAMILY FESTIVAL: All interested persons in our area are invited to a “Fall Family Festival” on the green at the , 790 Washington Street in Stoughton Square.

The event will take place from Nnon to 4 p.m. on the afternoon of Sunday, October 23, and will feature a wide array of activities for all ages. There will be a sale of fall mums, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Stoughton Food Pantry. Coordinating the flower sale is Susan Stewart-Racicot.

There will also be a knitting circle, featuring members of the church’s Shawl Ministry under the direction of Church President Jane Mooney. Julia and Ava Dubovy will coordinate an array of children’s activities, including pumpkin painting (for a nominal charge of one dollar), as well as face painting and lawn games. Refreshments, including apple cider, will be served by members of the parish, as well.

There will also be tables where those in attendance can learn of the various programs at First Parish, including its Church School and its Free Market of Ideas. There will also be tours of the church, for those who are interested.  

The committee planning the event includes Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, Minister of First Parish Universalist Church, as well as Richard DiCenso, Julia Dubovy, Pamela McCarthy, and Susan Stewart-Racicot.

The Fall Family Festival will be preceded by a family worship service at First Parish Universalist Church, which will begin at 10:30 a.m., and to which all are welcome, as well.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Belated wishes for a happy 9th wedding anniversary to Stoughton Police Executive Officer and his wife Lisa. They celebrated on Wednesday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Marcia Schneider, a graduate of Bridgewater State University, who works at Ann, Inc.  She is married to Paul Schneider, a Past President of . 

To Connor Pazyra, grandson of Veterans' Agent Mike Pazyra and his wife Cindy.

And, to Don Leon, lead singer for , which features his significant other, Janie Dulong, a trainer and instructor at in Stoughton.



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