Stoughton's Fallen Soldiers

A list of those Stoughton residents killed in action while serving this country in war.

The following is a list of Stoughton residents killed while serving in the American Revolution, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict.

The Civil War claimed the most Stoughton soldiers (84), while 28 from Stoughton died while serving during World War II.

The names of these residents are on a monument at . There are about 150 names on the monument.

The names of those killed from World War I to the present are read aloud during the and ceremonies.

American Revolution (4)

Joseph Jordan
William Patrick Lemuel Jordan Ebenezer Taunt

American Civil War (84)

Daniel E. Alger Charles H. Gibson Thomas Nally John F. Atkinson Reuben  Gould James O'Brien James H. Austin Stephen W. Green Hugh O'Donnell James H. Bancroft John D. Harris Hugh O'Hare Joseph P. Bisbee Massena B. Hawes William B. Oliver Daniel Bowler James Hayes Charles E. Packard

Loring R. Brackett

James S. Hayward Albert Parker

Isaac Burnham

George P. Henry Rufus A. Peck

William A. Burnell

Jerome K. Hodge James M. Penniman Avery A. Capen Randall J. Holbrook Alden Reckards Timothy Carrol Leonard B. Holmes Philo Reckards Heber Chase Everett Jernegan Benjamin Rideout Alonzo H. Clark Charles E. Johnson Daniel Riordan Arthur Clifford Patrick Kelleher John Ripley Daniel Connery Thomas King John Scannell William Currivan David Kinnet Lucian O. Scofield Harvey A. Darling Sanford P. Lane Robert Scott John Darney Charles Lawler James T. F. Smith Thomas F. C. Dean William S. Leach Frank M. Stoddard Barton H. DeCoster John J. Madden Vinton F. Swallow John DeCoster Edward Maher Charles Taylor Patrick Dennison James Massey Samuel J. B. Taylor Patrick Dermody James McKee James A. Thompson Charles H. Dwinnell Thomas McLaughlin John Toomey Joseph Ford Michael McMarra Alfred E. Waldo Thomas B. Foster Henry McVay William G. Warren William B. Foster Thomas Murray Hiram H. White Seth M. White George H. Whitney George I. Young

World War I (19)

William J. Buckley Frederick Larson Burton L. Minzy Herbert L. Connell Ralph R. Malcolm Michael P. Nicon Cornelius E. Corbett John E. Mara Michael Romanuk George E. Flynn Ray Marden George C. Smith James Fraser James F. Marron Nicholas Spallas Joseph R. Green John McGarvey Lester A. Whitten Frank W. Kennedy

World War II (28)

Daniel Bento Kenneth P. Donahue Henry V. Laarhoven William Bissett Thomas S. Esten Earl B. Leathers Karl W. Buschenfeldt Anthony J. Gonsalves Daniel Mahoney, Jr. Francis R. Cabral Samuel Gregerman Zigman Poskus Gerald H. Chapman Edward J. Gusciora Joseph E. Smith Herbert J. Chipman Edgar A. Halliden Francis J. Taxiera Robert E. Chisholm John J. Halloran Herbert Trowbridge Walter E. Davis William P. Horan Sidney B. Viele Michael F. Dean Alphonse Kwedar John J. Winfisky William L. Deady

Korean War (4)

Philip C. Farnham John A. Lelland Richard G. King Christie E. Murphy

Vietnam Conflict (10)

Simeon J.A. Bergon William Joyce Kevin Clancy Paul McEachron Paul Czerwonka Peter Mears Gary Guest Michael Shuman George Evans

James G. Signett

* List of fallen soldiers from the Revolution and Civil War are from StoughtonHistory.com and list of fallen soldiers from World War I to the present are from the office of Veterans' Agent Mike Pazyra.

Fiscal Conservative May 28, 2012 at 05:34 PM
To each of them, Thank You for the ultimate sacrifice so we may live in freedom. I know that I will never forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. Its not just a day off from work. I commend EVERY person who has served for our country. Again, Thank You!!
Phil May 27, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Thank you...


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