Stoughton’s D’Arpino Helps to Rescue Canton Cat

On June 8, the Stoughton-based South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team (SSDART) helped to rescue a cat stuck in a tree in Canton. Stoughton’s Christopher L. D’Arpino is the SSDART team leader.

The Following is a release from the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team:

A Canton cat stuck for three days 100 feet up in a tree on Harrison Road (off Randolph St.) was lowered safely to the ground Friday, June 8 by The South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team.

The Stoughton-based group was contacted Friday by Canton Animal Control officer Nadia Branca to help save a cat that was stuck in a tree. The cat, “Figaro,” was had been in the tree during the recent rain storms. 

Stoughton's Christopher D’Arpino, team leader of the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team, assembled a team of vet techs specifically trained for such a rescue.  The cat “Figaro” was moving further and further out onto an unsafe limb and was in immediate need of assistance.

“When we arrived, the cat was very high up in a tree that was in bad shape. We immediately set our lines and used tree spikes to ascend the tree,” D’Arpino said.

The rescue took just over an hour and a half with quite a few tense moments. Figaro’s owners were elated that someone was willing to come and help.

“We called everyone, and I can’t believe they are going that high up, I’m shaking just watching them, They are amazing,” the cat's owners said.

During the rescue, Figaro attempted to jump and was caught in mid air by his would be rescuer.  Nearly 100 feet up, the cat would have sustained serious injury or possibly death if he fell to the ground.  

Once the cat was in hand, D’Arpino placed the cat in a bag and lowered him to waiting rescuers on the ground and a very relieved family.

Once on the ground “Figaro” was taken to the Canton veterinary hospital and was evaluated and treated and by Friday night “Figaro” was home safe and a little tired after his adventure.

“This team knew what to do, they have the equipment and experience, they went right to work and covered all the bases.” said Nadia Branca,Canton ACO.

The South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team is a private all volunteer organization comprised of specifically trained rescue technicians that are also veterinary technicians.

D’Arpino said, “This was one of the hardest we have done given the condition of the tree and the wind.  I was pretty high up there and am glad it was successful, I’m glad the cat is okay.”


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