Stoughton Resident Helps to Rescue Dog Near Stoughton-Easton Line

A lost dog was rescued from an old rail bridge Wednesday morning in Easton.

The following release was submitted by Chris D'Arpino:

On Wednesday morning, April 20 at 8:46 a.m. a Labrador that has been missing since Monday was located by (1975 Washington St., Stoughton) owner Bill Murphy about a mile inside the woods following the old rail line off Elm St. in Easton. 

Realizing the dangerous predicament the Labrador had gotten himself in, Bill Murphy called the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team and the Emergency Preparedness Program Consultants rope rescue team. 

Team leader of the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team, Stoughton resident , traversed a rotted train bridge over a 30-foot drop to assess the Labrador for injuries, secure the Labrador and bring him to safety. 

“The bridge was slippery and rotted and just not safe,” said Murphy.  The rope rescue team led by Jon Cuneo and Kevin Dyer set up a safety line and rope system to secure Chris D’Arpino so he could safely get on the bridge and get the dog. 

“The hardest part was trekking the mile through the woods to get to the scene, we had to hand carry the equipment in,” said Cuneo.

"This is what we train for, this is what we work for, we were glad to be called and effect a successful rescue and return the dog to the owner,” said Dyer. 

The South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team and Emergency Preparedness Program Consultants had just trained this weekend for just this type of rescue. 

“Nothing like having the training fresh in our mind, we just trained for a rescue like this on Sunday,” said D’Arpino. 

The Labrador was in general good health and a little dehydrated, but was able to walk out of the area under his own power. 

“We were able to get on scene, set up a plan and get the dog and safely return him to the owners. I like these rescues, I like when they work out with a happy ending,” said D’Arpino. 

The South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team is an all-volunteer trained group that rescues animals that are found in dangerous situations. 

“It is why we are here, we are always willing to help and glad to,” said Cuneo. 

Evelyn Clairmont April 20, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Kudos to all of you for caring enough about animals to be trained in rescuing them when they fall prey to accidents they cannot save themselves from.
kk April 22, 2011 at 01:04 AM
good story, better ending. nice to know people still step up to help. the dog owner should come forward to publically thank these two heros for saving their dog.


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