5 Things, January 7: Stoughton Fire Department Encourages Residents to "Beat the Beep"

Five Things You Need to Know Today: Replace Aging Carbon Monoxide Alarms; Drug Awareness Night; Homework Center at the Library; And More...

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1. "Beat the Beep" and Replace Aging Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services has started a campaign to encourage residents to "Beat the Beep" and replace their aging CO (carbon monoxide) Detectors, Greg Goldberg, Deputy Chief of the Stoughton Fire Department, said.

The average life expectancy of a CO detector is 5-7 years. According to the Department of Fire Services:

"One sign that a carbon monoxide alarm should be replaced is a chirping sound that does not stop until the unit is powered off. Another sign that a CO alarm should be replaced is that it makes the low battery signal even after brand new batteries are installed. Models with a digital read out will show an ERR or EO9 or END message."

Since the passing of "Nicole's Law" in 2006, which requires CO alarms in nearly every residence across the state, many people have purchased CO detectors, which in turn has saved many lives, Goldberg said.

However, these detectors are reaching the end of their life expectancy and should be replaced, he notes.

"The Stoughton Fire Department fully supports this campaign in an effort to save lives," Goldberg said.

Click here for more information on the "Beat the Beep" initiative.

2. Drug Awareness Night

Come speak to local experts on how to keep your family drug free at "Talk Early, Talk Often, a drug awareness night, held from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. this Thursday, Jan. 10 at the O'Donnell Middle School.

Discussion topics include:

• Local and current drug trends

• Tools on how to talk to kids

• Consequences for teen drug abuse

The event is sponsored by OASIS, the Stoughton Police Department and the Stoughton Parent Engagement Center.

Please RSVP to parent engagement coordinators Maryann Dawson or Shaunte Thomas 781-344-7003, ext 7305 or via email:
m_dawson@stoughtonschools.org or s_thomas@stoughtonschools.org

3. Homework Center at the Library

The Homework Center will be available for students in the Wales French room of the Stoughton Public Library this evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

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