5 Things, January 17: Flu Shots Still Available at Stoughton Town Hall; Beat the Beep (And More...)

Five Things You Need to Know Today: Flu Shots Still Available; "Beat the Beep" and Replace Aging Carbon Monoxide Alarms; Real Time Traffic and Gas Prices; And More...

"Five Things you Need to Know Today" is a Patch column that provides readers with essential, daily information at a glance.

1. Flu Shots Still Available

Flu Shots are still available from the Stoughton Public Health Association/Visiting Nurses Association at their office on the second floor of Stoughton's Town Hall.

Call 781-344-7011 for more information and to confirm a nurse is available to administer the shot.

2. "Beat the Beep" and Replace Aging Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services has started a campaign to encourage residents to "Beat the Beep" and replace their aging CO (carbon monoxide) Detectors, Greg Goldberg, Deputy Chief of the Stoughton Fire Department, said.

The average life expectancy of a CO detector is 5-7 years. According to the Department of Fire Services:

"One sign that a carbon monoxide alarm should be replaced is a chirping sound that does not stop until the unit is powered off. Another sign that a CO alarm should be replaced is that it makes the low battery signal even after brand new batteries are installed. Models with a digital read out will show an ERR or EO9 or END message."

Since the passing of "Nicole's Law" in 2006, which requires CO alarms in nearly every residence across the state, many people have purchased CO detectors, which in turn has saved many lives, Goldberg said.

However, these detectors are reaching the end of their life expectancy and should be replaced, he notes.

"The Stoughton Fire Department fully supports this campaign in an effort to save lives," Goldberg said.

Click here for more information on the "Beat the Beep" initiative.

3. Real Time Traffic (and Gas Prices) on Stoughton Patch

Want to check the traffic before you hit the road? You can do that right on Stoughton Patch thanks to our partners from MapQuest.

Get the latest traffic patterns and the cheapest gas prices in the Stoughton area (and beyond) by clicking here.

4. Reminder: Thursday is Food Pantry Day in Stoughton

Stoughton resident Peg Carbone continues her effort to curb hunger in Stoughton, personally picking up donations for the food pantries every Thursday.

Here's a note from Peg: "I pick up non perishable food and also household items every Thursday, anywhere in Stoughton and deliver them to the food pantry. Please tell your friends and neighbors. One item, one bag or several, and I will pick them up every Thursday."

Haven't called to arrange a pickup? It's not too late. Call Peg at 508-889-1385 or send an email to peg.carbone@comcast.net.

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