Keepsake Corsage of Stoughton Making Everlasting Mementos

Keepsake Corsage, based out of a Stoughton home, makes hand crafted, one of a kind silk, floral, and ribbon wrist corsages and matching boutonnières for your special occasion.

Keepsake Corsage of Stoughton makes hand crafted, one of a kind silk, floral, and ribbon wrist corsages and matching boutonnières for your special occasion.

Patch sat down with owner Amy Miller to find out all about her business, which she operates from her Stoughton home and also from her website.

Patch: Can you tell us about Keepsake Corsage?

Amy Miller: Keepsake Corsage is an online and home based business featuring silk floral and ribbon wristlet corsages with matching boutonnaires. Each set is a one of a kind, handcrafted design made by myself. The wristlet comes on a color coordinated comfortable elastic band and the matching boutonnière comes with the lapel pin. Both come in a plastic corsage box.  

We are an affordable alternative to fresh flowers: ours are everlasting. After all, a keepsake is "for that special event you will want to remember."  

Patch: What inspired you to start this business?

Amy Miller: I have always been creative and love anything that is handmade. I make beaded jewelry, sew, crochet, and love scrapbooking. Last year, my son had two prom's to attend, his and a friend in another town. The cost of fresh flowers adds up, especially for two events in the same week! 

Real flowers are beautiful and smell nice, but eventually, they lose their color, dry out, and many get thrown away. I decided to make my own wristlets and matching boutonnieres.

One of the girls was wearing "purple" and the other "hot pink". Without seeing the dresses, I was to come up with the perfect match.

By mixing silk flowers and ribbon, I had created a "keepsake corsage" that the girls could keep and remember their prom forever!  I spoke to a few parents and dress/tux shop owners and Keepsake Corsage was born!

Patch: Is this a full time job for you?

Amy Miller: I am a registered nurse by day and create at night. I spend my weekends at craft stores looking for natural looking flowers and matching ribbon to create a special keepsake. If the flower doesn't look real or is too big, I don't bother with it.

Patch: Are all your designs listed on your website, www.keepsakecorsage.com?

Amy Miller: I have several designs/colors listed on the website.  Pictures are available on the website and are all true to color. I offer free shipping/delivery and for a limited time, a "2013" charm is attached to the wristlet. 

Patch: What does one do if they want to match the corsage to their gown?

Amy Miller: Because colors come in different shades, I try to make variations on the types and colors of the flowers. The best way to match it perfectly is to bring the gown, a swatch, or a really good picture to my home for a "fitting."

My appointment times are evenings 7-9 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I have over a 100 ready made designs available for purchase in my home and more designs are added daily to keep the shelves well stocked. I do encourage people to call and make an appointment as soon as they know what color they are wearing.

Patch: Do you take special orders?

Amy Miller: Yes, but several things need to be addressed: color, type of flowers, presentation on the wrist (horizontal or vertical), scented or unscented, pearls, greens, or feather accents and wrist size. 

Patch: Are you a cash and carry business?

Amy Miller: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and bankers checks are accepted. No personal checks allowed.   

Patch: Is there anything else about Keepsake Corsage we should know?

Amy Miller:  For the month of April patrons can get $5 off their order/purchase. Offer expires May 1, 2013. If making a purchase online, use promotion code: PATCH.


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