Bites Nearby: Finbarr’s Auld Irish Pub

Head to Finbarr's in Canton for a new and old Irish pub experience.

In this column, Stoughton Patch picks a great restaurant either in town or nearby that is worth checking out. This week's choice is Finbarr’s Auld Irish Pub, located at 521 Washington Street in Canton center.

From downtown Stoughton, it's about 3.5 miles away and about an 8 minute drive.

Finbarr’s Auld Irish Pub

There is plenty to say about this family-style Irish pub and restaurant. The waitresses, bartenders and owners are the funniest, nicest and welcoming crew you would want to meet. And is authentic. Its décor is 100% Celtic. The menu has a great blend of today’s favorites and pub-food staples.

One of the most appealing aspects of Finbarr’s is its variety of seating arrangements. Feel like a night out at the bar with friends? There are plenty of stools for you and your crew. Feel like bringing the family for some burgers and fries? There is a dining room with a quieter ambiance for a sit down meal. Feel like meeting some new and friendly faces? There’s a living-room style parlor where folks gather on Friday and Saturday nights for a traditional Irish Seisun–a sing-a-long of Irish folk tales.

While die-hard fans confide that Finbarr’s pretzels and pub cheese, which are served free at the bar, are close to God’s gift on earth, more sophisticated or hungry patrons will definitely need to check out Finbarr’s great selection of appetizers.

Favorites include chips and curry, buffalo wing dings, nachos and sweet potato fries.

You can also order cheese fires, chili cheese fries or loaded fries. And who said vegetables can't be delicious? Enjoy a selection of zucchini sticks, broccoli poppers and onion rings.

Finbarr’s Auld Irish Pub, 521 Washington Street, Canton. Open 4 p.m. - 1 a.m., Tuesday through Sunday.


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