Stoughton Pack 24 Holds Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout Pack 24 of Stoughton held their annual Pinewood Derby on Friday Jan.17, at Faith Baptist Church in Stoughton.

Over the past several months the boys of Pack 24, in grades 1-5, with assistance from their parents designed, constructed, and painted cars for the competition. This year, a special siblings division was added, making this truly an event for the entire family.

The children came up with many creative and unique designs including a combat Humvee, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, a bejeweled car, a Croc Rod, and a Mini Mouse themed rainbow car.

“We are very proud of the creativity and sportsmanship displayed by the Cub Scouts and their families," said Bill Mote, assistant Cubmaster of Pack 24.  "Even if they did not win their division, everyone here tonight is a winner based upon their hard work and sportsmanship. The races were very close and the children and their families had a great time. We hope that more people can join us for next year’s derby.”

Bruce Fencer, a long time fixture in Stoughton Scouting, served as the official race master for event. Joe Bodette, a member of the leadership committee for Boy Scout Troop 516 of Stoughton, along with Boy Scouts James Comeau, Nick Comeau, and Nate Bodette of Troop 516 assisted Pack 24 in the running of the 45 race heats.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded in five divisions called dens, based on grade level, to the Cub Scouts: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1, and Webelos 2. The Siblings Division winners were also awarded medals. The five den champions then faced off in a final round to determine the overall Pack 24 champion for 2014.

Winners by divison/den:


1st Place: Allison Bishop-Mote.

2nd Place: John Gibbons

3rd Place: Madison Davis

Tiger (first grade):

1st Place: Charlie Saade

2nd Place: Jonas D.

3rd Place: Conner E.

 Wolf (Second grade):

1st Place: Aadil K.

2nd Place: Neil Gibbons

3rd Place: Danny Carlow

Bear (third grade):

1st Place: William Bishop-Mote

2nd Place: Drew Cesario

3rd Place: Matthew Davis

Webelos 1(fourth grade):

1st Place: Tyler C.

2nd Place: Edward Conrad

3rd Place: Christian M

Webelos 2 (5th grade):

1st Place: Nikhil K

2nd Place: Brendan H

Overall Pack

1st Place: Nikhil K.

2nd Place: Charlie Saade

3rd Place: Aadil K.

4th Place: William Bishop-Mote

5th Place: Tyler C.


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