Stoughton Food Pantry Shelves Stocked by Stoughton Chamber Elves

The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce helped transport donations from member businesses and the Stoughton High community and stock the shelves at Stoughton's food pantries.

The following is a press release from the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce:

Last Monday, Terry Schneider, Executive Director of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce, received an e-mail from Patricia Small, nursing director of the the Stoughton Public Schools, that the annual collection of food from the high school students and staff, for the Ilse Marks Food Pantry & St. Anthony's Free Market, had been completed.

Pat asked Schneider if the Chamber could come to their aid in moving the food from the nurses office to the pantries.  Knowing how much food was donated last year, Schneider and his Chamber Elves arrived with a pickup truck and an SUV and even that wasn't enough room, they had to use Schneider's car as well to transport the food.

The previous day Schneider had received two other calls related to food donations. One from Sheila Rhilinger, General Manager of the Courtyard by Marriott-Stoughton stating that they had collected a couple of boxes of food for the pantries from their guests and staff.  The second call came from Karl Maregni, General Manager of the Stop & Shop-Stoughton, stating that he had several (52) boxes of $10 meals to donate, which were purchased by shoppers and set aside for the pantries.

All in all, there were several boxes, plastic bags and paper bags, filled to the brim with food donations and not just the usual inexpensive (and low in nourishment) ramen soup and pasta, but good, healthy, soups, canned vegetables, beef stews, containers of all types and sizes.  The food was delivered to both pantries, whose shelves were looking very under-stocked and there truly is a dire need, especially around the holidays!

"Thankfully, in the Town of Stoughton, we take care of our own and then some" said Schneider. 

"This town of mine may have some quirkiness, a couple of naysayers and maybe even a NIMBY or two (Not In My Back Yard) but one thing that this town of mine has that's bigger and better than many towns around is HEART.  When a need arises, the folks of this town of mine rise to the occasion",  Schneider stated. 

It has been proven time and time again, whether it be a tragedy, a devestating fire or an accident, the people of the Town of Stoughton come out to lend a hand, provide a shoulder to cry on, or a place to lean on.  Not just here but anywhere that the need arises.

Schneider went on to say, "From fire and police traveling to NYC during Sept 11, 2001, to residents,  religious groups and students traveling to Mississippi & N'Orleans for Hurricane Katrina work (and sending a trailer of supplies to Mississippi), to our own police department collecting and driving much needed supplies to the Jersey and Staten Island Shores for victims of Hurricane Sandy, the people of this town of mine step up, step out and getter done!!"

Stoughton Chamber of Commerce, Box 41, Stoughton, MA, 02072, www.stoughtonma.com


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