Santa Visits Children at SMAC Studios

Santa stopped by the set of Community Forum to meet and greet local children. The show will be aired on SMAC from Dec. 23-27.

The Ladder 2 delivered some precious cargo to the Stoughton Media Access Corporation () on Thursday, December 16—Santa Claus!

Santa was greeted by a group of children, eagerly awaiting his arrival.  The children were from all over Stoughton and attended the South, Gibbons, Hansen, Jones, and the O’Donnell Middle School, as well as Creative Preschool.

Once inside the children were escorted one by one to meet . Santa was sure to ask if the child was good all year, to which one boy replied, “sometimes.”

The list of present requests was diverse. One girl asked for an Elf on the Shelf; one asked for money.

Haley Wilson, a first grader at the Hansen Elementary School, asked for a real dog. One boy asked for his dad to come home from his military deployment in Afghanistan.

When asked what the hot item was this Christmas, Santa replied that “video games are big this year.”

Stoughton Media Access Corporation provided chocolate chip cookies, water and drink boxes for the families and encouraged the children to gather as a group to sing Christmas carols such as, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.

Much of this event is captured in our photo gallery but to view Santa’s visit in its entirety, tune into SMAC (Comcast channel 9, Verizon channel 28). It will air Dec. 23-27. Check the SMAC website for specific broadcast times.


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