ARCH Orthodontics Teams with ‘Smiles Change Lives’

Dr. Chavez of ARCH Orthodontics
Dr. Chavez of ARCH Orthodontics

                                    Program Give New Smiles to Disadvantaged Kids

(Issued SPRING/ SUMMER 2014)  --  ARCH Orthodontics has teamed up with Smiles Change Lives (www.smileschangelives.org ), a noted national Orthodontic program that helps children from low-income families, whose self-esteem  was impacted by having crooked teeth, receive Orthodontic treatment.

Across the U.S., 750 Orthodontists are participating and over 5,000 children have received life-changing Orthodontic treatment through the program. 


Dr. Robert Chavez, who founded ARCH Orthodontics  (www.ArchOrthodontics.,com) in Stoughton (Mass.) 40 years ago and now operates 9 offices with his son Dr. Andrew Chase, says Smiles Change Lives(SCL) is a natural fit: “We have treated thousands of children through the years and we appreciate the enormous changes that occur – both physically and emotionally – when a child has the benefits of a new smile.  We are reaching out to give children a chance for a confident and bright future, free of peer ridicule.”


Dr. Chavez says he likes the Smiles Change Lives model, matching selected children who need Orthodontic treatment with caring Orthodontists. Each family must agree to abide by SCL rules and contribute a relatively small amount to SCL.  These funds help recruit more doctors. In this way, each family truly "pays it forward": By helping their own child, they enable another child to be treated.  Since its inception, 99% of the children approved have successfully completed treatment. 


It is estimated that 20% of all American children are living with moderate to severe malocclusions. Many come from working families living in poverty. Without assistance, these children will not receive the treatment they need.  Smiles Change Lives serves kids who suffer from the social, emotional and physical repercussions of dental deformities such as cleft palates or missing, broken and impacted teeth. Many have difficulty speaking and chewing. Others suffer with constant pain.  Interested families meeting can learn more and start the application process at info@smileschangelives.org or 888-900-3554. 


Dr. Chavez and Dr. Chase have a long history of giving back to the communities they serve. Dr. Chavez is a founding member of the Stoughton Youth Commission and has served since 1978 as an Associate Surgeon at Brigham & Women’s Hospital focusing on children with complex  maxillofacial issues. Both he and Dr. Chase have volunteered for Operation Smile, providing free surgeries to disadvantaged children around the world with cleft palate and other oral deformities.


ARCH Orthodontics offers free consultations for all ages – a $500 value – and no-interest financing.  Call 1-800-28-SMILE, email smilemaker@archorthodontics.com or visit www.archorthodontics.com.    

                                                                                                                                          By Stanley Hurwitz                                                                                                                                                     (508) 269-0570  stanhurwitz@gmail.com


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