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John Anzivino April 19, 2014 at 05:55 AM
Dr. Ural's second paragraph states "The chair does not have much more authority than theRead Moreindivi dual school committee members. The role of the chair is to set the meeting agendas and to run the meetings." I find this to be quite disingenuous considering Dr. Ural posted the meeting, set the agenda then attempted to run the meeting. My question to Dr. Ural is why was it so important to reorganize two weeks earlier than scheduled?
Stoughton Parent April 19, 2014 at 07:20 AM
Re Hollie, Heather and all the haters, you are all responsible, all of you, his neighbor said itRead Morewas because of the atmosphere of intolerance and hate. I don't think he was talking about Mother Theresa. She also said something about some buffoon at smac who said he was coming after him. If you've got all the answers why don't you give the missing $104,800? PS, who is Karen.
Pat April 19, 2014 at 10:41 AM
Since my name was brought up I thought I will comment. First I use my name, I do not try to hideRead Morebeh ind an anonymous name because I believe in what I say. I am not a follower and I am definitely not a hater. I have just asked questions and wanted answers. Because truth and transparency is uncomfortable for some people does not mean I will stop. If there is no honesty about the problems, there is no way to fix them. Secure professional people can admit to problems and then go about fixing them. This does not happen in this school district. It has not happened with the past SC. The students, parents and taxpayers of this town deserve to have information and have their voices heard. An atmosphere of authentic parent participation is needed. It boggles my mind that asking questions and expecting truthful answers is considered hate mongering or you're against the school or you're trying to ruin the school’s image, or you're “toxic”. What ??? I care about what kind of EDUCATION ALL our students are receiving. If that ruffles feathers of people who want to control everything so be it. Marginalizing portions of our community is never a positive thing and I will speak out whenever I see that happening. Image without substance is nothing.
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