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Heather April 18, 2014 at 03:30 PM
Townie, why on earth would Katie want to vote for Ms. Hussenni for the chair person? She is a very Read Morerude and angry chairperson. Regardless of whether the meeting was illegal or not the behavior or Ms. Hussenni was unacceptable!!!! I am not be any means defending the behavior of Dr. Ural as I think the meeting itself could have waited until the 29th. I just could not believe that a grown woman that is the main representative of the SC would act that way. As for the recall talk of Dr Ural. Seriously!!!!!! Grown up. The town voted for him. He has one more year until reelection. If they want to get rid of them then they can. The town just spoke last week that we are not happy with the way things are in the SC.
Stoughton Parent April 18, 2014 at 05:04 PM
Ms. Hussenni had to deal with a very crude, vulgar, misogynist, who so diminished the discourse inRead Moret he town of Stoughton. Anyone who in the least disagreed with him, he would immediately call a liar, with his followers towing the line without exception. I've yet to see one of them disagree on anything ever, just sheep. He was the founding figure of the "hate Rizzi" mantra. The two new members are quite simply the bought and paid for puppets of the MA Teachers Union, this means there is no taxpayer representation on the SC. The 5% of the town that voted for the unions lawyer was a very successful showing of the "hate Rizzi" vote, great way to run a town. As far as Katie is concerned, God help us if it's the person that couldn't put two coherent sentences together during the debates. It looks like she's just there to be the unions lapdog (to quote "Dr" Erdum). I've heard the union now isn't even going to enter into negotiations with the SC. They are simply going to show up at the next bargaining session and tell them what they want. Randolph here we come.
Stoughton Parent April 18, 2014 at 05:23 PM
Oh Heather also great job on driving scholarship money out of town with your constant stream ofRead Moreinsu lts. Class of 2013 received $104,800 from a single source, Class of 2014 ZIPPO. I could have really used some of that. Hate works I guess. Congratulations!
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